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Welcome to the Person Centred - 4 learning check

Below are multiple choice questions. Please tick one or more of the options for each question.
Check how many you have right then print off a copy of your results (right click on the page and go to print). If you got any questions wrong please retake the quiz until you get all of the answers correct.
Please keep a hard copy of you results with mistakes and corrections in your file for your tutorial.

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1. What is one of Rodgers seven stages?
2. The third stage of Rogers’ process of change is?
3. What stage are people making changes for themselves and no
longer in need of therapeutic input?
4. "Clients are defensive and resistant to change." What stage does this
statement describe?
5. Where does Rogers suggest locus of evaluation should be?
6. When did Rogers develop his Person centered theory?
7. What is the self concept?
8. Is the self concept always right?
9. Who does the person centered therapist believe is responsible for
the client’s life?
10. Who spoke of Self Actualizing?