Diploma in Supervision

Study to practice as a counselling supervisor

Starting January 2023 Dunamis Therapy Hub is offering a Diploma in Supervision.  The aim of the course is for trained and qualified counsellors to develop knowledge and competencies in line with the BACP training curriculum, in order to practice as counselling supervisors. This course will enhance the skill set of professional counsellors and psychotherapists. It requires self-motivation and some self-directed study.

Course Requirements

All course participants must have previous training at diploma level in counselling or psychotherapy. They must also have been in supervised practice (1.5hrs a month) for a minimum of two years post qualification as required by BACP.

All course participants must also have their own counselling
insurance and must be a member of a professional regulatory body.

All course participants are required to offer voluntary or low-cost supervision to an individual or group.

You are required to find your supervisee or
group yourself and the arrangement must be agreed by Dunamis to satisfy the requirements of the course.

Course Details

Course Presenters: Sally Valentine and Sara Bishop

This course is a mix of face to face and zoom participation, face to face participation is a requirement

Training is designed to run over 10 sessions comprising of 60hrs taught component. 90% attendance is required to pass.

Participants will: –
*Complete a reflective journal
*Be expected to self and peer assess
*Complete a 2,000-word essay
*Complete 40hrs logged counselling supervision practice (minimum)
*Complete 10hrs logged consultative supervision
*Record one 10-minute transcribed supervision practice

Course Dates

Face to Face Sessions
Friday 13th Jan 2023 9am – 3pm
Saturday 14th Jan 2023 9am – 3pm
Friday 10th February 2023 9am – 3pm
Saturday 11th Feb 2023 9am – 3pm
Saturday 15th April 2023 9am – 2pm
Friday 21st April 2023 9am – 2pm
Saturday 22nd April 2023 9am – 2pm

Zoom Sessions
Friday 24th Feb 2023 9am – 3pm
Saturday 25th Feb 2023 9am – 3pm
Friday 14th April 2023 9am – 2pm

10 sessions in total

Course Costs

Fee: £1,850
Comprising of: –
£650 non-refundable deposit on booking
£600 required prior to the start of block 1
£600 prior to the start of block 3

If you have any questions about this course please get in touch.