Coronavirus Support

Free emotional support available for NHS and Care Staff

As a response to the coronavirus, the Dunamis Therapy Hub tutors and other local counsellors are offering emotional support to the local community. This support will be in place until after the peak of the infection, as stated by the government.

We are offering a listening ear to NHS staff such as Doctors, nurses, hospital staff, paramedics and ambulance staff, and care staff.

Many members of our community are already feeling anxious, scared, stressed, and isolated due to the coronavirus. We are here to help.

What’s on offer

The support on offer is to be accessed by self-referral. That means that if you think you would benefit from having someone to talk to at this time, then you just need to call one of the counsellors on the list below.

The agreement for the listening support is that the counsellor will use their counselling skills, to support you during your isolation for a maximum of 4 half hour sessions.

Confidentiality and safety agreements are part of the listening arrangement. The counsellors will ask you for your name, address, and telephone number in order to support you. All details that you give will be confidential within the bounds of safety. And the half hour sessions are free.

This support is not a substitute for a counselling relationship. A more formal counselling arrangement would only exist if both counsellor and client created an explicit contract for paid or longer work. This support is also not a substitute for the brilliant work of the Samaritans and other charities.

Dunamis Therapy Hub undertakes to maintain this list until the peak of the virus has passed. All the counsellors on the list abide by an ethical framework but are not directly accountable to Dunamis Therapy Hub.

Please be aware that, due to potential demand of this service, you may be asked to contact another counsellor on the list.

If you would like support at this time, please contact one of the people listed below:

Volunteer Listeners are:-

Isobel Broz

Dip.Couns MBACP Registered
Approved Adoption Counsellor.


Anya Wood

07780 874246

Ben Wrigley


Sally Valentine


Sara Bishop

01892 652292

Beverley Lunn


Tina Mellor

07740 776005

Jackie Scanlon

07734 414126

Chick Atkinson

07984 606 285

Stephanie Pearce

07930 644596

Paola St George

Louise Underwood

Brenda Miller


Cassie Carson

07900 647 353

Ann Walker

01273 383655

Matt Reid

07854 667029

Richard Church

07708 769092

Rachel Cutler


Useful Links

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