Codependency is sometimes known as “Relationship addiction”

Codependency is being in an unequal relationship with someone. Often this can be an abusive relationship.

Codependents usually operate in extremes.

Codependency is defined when:

  • We constantly put the needs and wants of the other person we are in relationship with first.
  • We have an overwhelming sense of responsibility or need to solve our partners problems. This can lead to controlling behaviours.
  • We have low self-esteem usually because we do not feel worthy of love. In order to feel ok we need others to love and like us.
  • We are unable to maintain healthy boundaries in relationships. Leaving us to repeat old patterns of behaviour which result in a relationship that lacks intimacy and mutuality.
  • We do not know how we feel.

This may stem from dysfunctional parenting, where for whatever reasons the primary caretaker was emotionally unavailable leaving us forever craving and searching for that initial bonding but instead attracting partners that recreate the original parent’s behaviour.

Because Codependency is a form of addiction to unhealthy relationships the treatment is often termed recovery as the process of therapy is similar to treatment of other addictions.

Counselling is supportive and proactive way of exploring ways to change our patterns of behaviour.

Quick Look

Codependency is –

  • Relationship addiction.
  • A need to be in control
  • Usually rooted in coming from a dysfunctional family.
  • Due in part to low self-esteem.
  • Counselling can be effective in supporting change.

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