Anger is about the way we think of an issue. It may be because we feel we have been treated unfairly, that others have disrespected us or failed to live up to our rules, standards and expectations.

The thought may then lead to sensations in our bodies of tension in the muscles, clenched jaws and fists making us want to run away or fight.

When we feel like this we can easily react, however what is more productive is to take time to calm the adrenaline down.

Some slow mindfulness breathing may help or taking some time out to walk around the block, or sooth ourselves, as making decisions when angry often results in poor choices.

Think, why does this situation make me angry, when someone else might have a different reaction?

  • Am I getting things out of proportion?
  • Will this matter to me in six months?
  • Are my expectations realistic?
  • Am I making assumptions?
  • Is there another way of dealing with this?  
  • What would be the most helpful and effective action to take (for me, for the situation, for the other person) ?
  • Visualise yourself dealing with the situation in a calm, non-aggressive but assertive way, respecting the rights and opinions of all others involved.

Anger is a healthy emotion it tells us to deal with injustice, but aggression is not the same and does not help us deal with issues, but leaves us vulnerable to retaliation.

Don’t feed your anger as it hurts you. Rather treat yourself to peace and calm.

Quick Look


  • Is not the same as aggression
  • Releases adrenaline and we need to calm the arousal
  • Can tell us that we need to deal with an injustice
  • Needs to be channeled into a healthy response
  • Aggression can be controlled or avoided
  • Invites us to create inner peace and calm

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