Sorting Out Your Life – With Dr Theo D. Nial

In over 60 years’ combined psychotherapy private practice experience, our tutors have learnt to recognise the importance of humour in their work. With that in mind we hope you enjoy our lighter blog posts that will be interspersed between some which are more serious.

Humour is a very important part  finding our way through life. We need to be able to see the funny side in order to get a perspective on things. However it is also important that our humour is not laughing at others or ourselves in a cruel or derogatory way. We laugh with others not at them, or at the absurdity of some actions, again not at real people. Sometimes people will use sarcastic humour as a way of making barbed comments and then hiding behind ‘only joking‘ as a way of disowning their aggression, this is not funny nor does it allow the issue to be addressed.
The blogs below are a look at the funny side of a job that we take extremely seriously and a profession we respect. They are in no way meant to offend but to encourage us therapist to take a fresh perspective and with good humour support our clients to find that way through the woods.

Resemblance to any therapist or client alive, dead or fictional is just coincidental, but if you believe it might be you, do seek help from a therapist who specialises in paranoia.

Dr Theo D. Nial

Theo has moved into a new office (which he shares with Ms Erma Noitall) and is hanging his certificates on the wall. He has an MSc in Therapy a PhD in Neuro Exploration of the Mind, a certificate of accreditation from World Association of Counselling (WAC), accreditation from Creative Reasoning Associated Practice (CRAP) and a 25-yard swimming certificate. Should he hang them all up he muses? Well it is useful for his clients to see that he knows stuff, although they may feel intimidated. Dr Nial does not consider this too high a price to pay for his expertise.

Session 1

Unfortunately, a disgruntled temporary secretary has muddled up some files and Dr Theo D. Nial (therapist extraordinaire) is now meeting with Ms Erma Noitall (counsellor of renown). Because of the mix up, they both believe they are meeting with a delusional and possibly psychotic patient.

Theo: Good morning Ms Noitall do come in and take a seat.

Erma: So, you wish to take control of the session Theo, very well please start and tell me what brings you here?

Theo: I see that you would like me to talk about myself, but it is you that I am interested in.

Erma: Theo, tell me about your interest in women, what was your relationship like with your mother?

Theo: Now, now this won’t do Erma, you know I am here to try and help you.

Erma: You help me? Aren’t you the one with the problem?

Theo: Me? It is you that believes that you are a therapist.

Erma: I am a therapist.

Theo: No, you are not, I am.

Erma: Now we are getting down to the problem. How long have you believed you are a therapist?

Theo: Since I qualified 20 years ago. What makes you believe you are a therapist?

Erma: My busy practise of 25 years. What evidence do you have that you help people?

Theo: What evidence do you have, that you help people?

Erma: I find myself becoming a little frustrated with your replies.

Theo: I think you are deliberately avoiding your problem. I Erma, feel irritated by your obvious denial.

Theo and Erma: Time to end the session, see you next week.

Descends into argument about who should pay for the session.

Dr Theo - Dunamis Therapy Hub